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I had my chest surgery on 14 January 2004 at 09:45 am with Dr Michael Brownstein in San Francisco, CA. I tried to eat healthier in preparation for surgery, but it was very hard for me to lay off the sweets. Both my then-partner, who had surgery on the same day as me, and I tried to increase our protein intake at least somewhat, and started (again) having salad with dinner in every night and taking a multivitamin and Vitamin C every day. I tried to take up weightlifting, but I just didn't have time.

My surgery diary is here.

Pictures of my chest are here. None of them are remotely gory; they're of my scars, which are essentially two lines across my chest, and close-ups of my nipples so you can see how they were grafted on, and how they healed, but again, there's no blood or gross stuff at all.


- Dr Brownstein's fee (just for me): $4,750 -

- Surgical Facility fee (just for me): $1,077 -

- Anesthesia fee (just for me): $800 -

- Pathology fee (just for me): $250 -

- 3 Round-Trip Airline Tickets: $940.35 -

- Hotel (for all three of us): $785.30 -

- Food, Sightseeing, etc. (for all three of us): $452.00 -

- TOTAL: $9,054.65 - is by far the best place to look at peoples' surgery results - for bottom surgery as well as top, and MTFs as well as FTMs - and see how the different surgeons measure up.

Check out here for a crash course in the different types of top surgery available to FTMs, and exactly what they're about.

Some advice from folks who have had top surgery: - for photos and information about top surgery

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