Email or Google Hangouts: ftmichael at gmail dot com

(Want to send me encrypted email for added security? My PGP public key is here.)

I have Skype, but I never use it. I prefer to use Google Hangouts for voice and video chat. If you have a Gmail or YouTube or Google+ account, you already have an account you can call me with. You just need to install their plugin on your browser, which is free and very quick and easy to do.


FTMichael on Blitzed, Freenode, and Foonetic
Blitzed channels to find me: #t-vox, #tgchat, and #yayforqueers
Freenode channels to find me: #gaygeeks, ubuntu-offtopic, and #ubuntuforums
Foonetic channels to find me: #pugglewump
This page was last updated on Monday 17 December 2007.